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Concrete Blocks

Concrete Blocks


Hinterland Masonry Supplies provides concrete blocks by Tristar Brick and Block Ltd. A company with over 15 years of industry experience, Tristar understands builders’ concrete needs like no one else does. Tristar products are superior quality and extremely durable. Hinterland houses all Tristar concrete blocks; here are some of them:

Smooth Blocks

Tristar smooth blocks have the highest standards for compressive strength and tolerance. Smooth blocks are a good alternative to most building materials and are also low cost. They also have exceptionally high fire rating and thermal properties. Here are the types of Tristar Smooth Blocks we provide:

  • Standard Block
  • Half Block
  • 45° Chamfer
  • Half-High Block
  • Solid Block
  • Half-High Solid Block
  • Single Bullnose
  • Double Bullnose
  • Double Bullnose Half
  • Rebar/KOBB
  • The “H” Block

Scored Block

A scored block is used to give a high detail look, without investing any additional labor or time. It is designed to look like a raked mortar joint and have the feel of high quality work. We have two types of scored blocks in stock, single score and triple score. Both are available in full highs and half highs. They come in various sizes that can be used for veneer applications and as a completed structural wall.

  • Single Score Blocks
  • Single Score – 2 Sided
  • Single Score Half High Blocks
  • Single Score Half High Blocks – 2 Sided
  • Triple Score Blocks
  • Triple Score – 2 Sided
  • Triple Score Half High Blocks
  • Triple Score Half High Blocks, 2 Sided

Split Face

Split face concrete block by Tristar have a rough face finish to give a stone-like feel to any external wall. Excellent compressive strength makes it a low maintenance, safe and distinctive wall option. After installations it only needs to be pressure washed and sealed. Tristar offers several color finishes apart from the usual grey; Tan, Sandstone, Natural, Light Buff and Charcoal. Various types of Split Face Block available are:

  • Split Face Standard Block
  • Split Face Half Block
  • Split Face Half High Block
  • Split Face Return Block
  • Split Face Return Half Block
  • Split Face Return Half High Block
  • Split Face Rebar/KOBB Block
  • Single Score, Split Face Blocks

Ground Face

The ground face block unveils the beauty hidden in concrete masonry by grinding and polishing the surface of the block, so that the underlying aggregate is exposed. Once installed, the blocks just need to be treated with a good cleaner and sealed with the special ground face sealer. It is available in any size and shape. However, since the process of making it is a lengthy one, please allow one month’s time for delivery. Ground face blocks are available in Tan, Sandstone, Rose Buff Red and Charcoal colors.

Semi Light and ULC

Semi light products by Tristar are up to 3 kgs lighter for the 20cm unit. A type of pumice is used in its mixed design in place of the aggregate. Though the semi light units are expensive, they are worth investing in since they are lighter and more units per day can be laid by the masons. Tristar Semi Light Blocks have a unique look that shows on the surface in the form of white specks. Semi light blocks are available in any type like ground face and split face blocks.

All Tristar blocks have a ULC certification for fire rating. They pass the standards and meet the tow-hour fire rating successfully. Tristar sends its blocks to undergo a full manufacturing review every year, by a CSA approved company.

Masonry Sealers / Cleaners

Masonry Sealers/Cleaners

Hinterland Masonry Supplies stocks Masonry Cleaners and Sealers by Fabrikem. Fabrikem is a well known manufacturer of superior quality building materials. It creates systems and products that enhance the aesthetics and functional performance of buildings; both commercial and homes. We stock the following Fabrikem products:

Fabrikem New Masonry Cleaner Type L, R, S, V and W

Fabrikem New Masonry Cleaner Type L is used to remove efflorescence and mortar from light colored clay masonry and colored concrete masonry, (Type L), red colored clay masonry (Type R), from clay masonry where high strength mortar has been used (Type S) and chromate, vanadium and manganese sensitive chocolate colored and light clay masonry (Type V). Type V also helps in preventing the occurrence of vanadium (green) and manganese (brown) staining. Type W removes insoluble salts (white scum) from clay masonry caused due to wrong cleaning methods or where saturation of uncapped walls has occurred repeatedly during construction.

Fabrikem Metallic Stain Remover Type F, V and W (not always stocked)

Fabrikem Metallic Stain Remover Type F removes ferrous rust and other metallic stains from concrete and masonry. It is also useful in removing tannic stains from stone/concrete masonry and stucco. Type V removes vanadium (green) and manganese (yellow or tobacco colored) stains from inappropriately cleaned sensitive brick. Type W removes insoluble salts from clay masonry caused through inappropriate cleaning methods or where repeated saturation of uncapped walls has occurred during construction.


Fabritone Paver Stain (not always stocked)

This gasoline and oil resistant semi-transparent concrete paver stain restores clay paver colors or faded concrete or imparts custom colors to the designers taste without changing the aesthetic appearance.

Fabrishield 700 Series

Within the Farishield 700 Series, different version numbers are  for different applications on various substrates.

Fabrishield 761 is a unique blend of modified silane/siloxane monomers and polymers. This solvent based product is VOC compliant in most jurisdictions. Its proven long term field performance makes the ‘700 series’ favored water repellent.

Fabrishield 763 is a unique blend of modified silane/siloxane monomers and polymers. This solvent based product is VOC compliant in most jurisdictions.

Fabrishield Paint Repellent PR 61 and PR 63 (not always stocked)

Fabrishield Paint Repellent PR 61 and PR 63 are fully breathable sealers that do not alter the look of simulated masonry (PR 61), and CMU masonry (PR 63). These proprietary formulations prevent graffiti tags from curing into the pores masonry enabling the PR cleaners to lift and remove graffiti stains without ghosting. Not sacrificial, withstands repeated cycles.



Hinterland Masonry Supplies are the only registered distributor of Sunset Stone (one of the nation’s best Stone production companies) in the region. All products are manufactured to meet the Built Green requirements and are therefore completely environment friendly. There is a large variety to choose from:

SunsetStone Products

SunsetStone Products

  • Cobble stone
  • Field stone
  • River rock
  • Limestone
  • Moss rock
  • Ledge stone
  • Ledge/field stone
  • Cobble/ledge stone
  • Cobble/field stone
  • Castle stone


Along with Sunset Stone, we at Hinterland Masonry Supplies also stock Eldorado Stone. Eldorado is a company that has been producing high quality stone veneer for over 35 years now. They offer a wide range of designs and types, for commercial and domestic purposes. The incomparable beauty of these products is a result of years of research and development in production, coloration and manufacturing.  Stone veneers offered include:


  • Ashler
  • Bluffstone
  • Cliffstone
  • Country Rubble
  • Cypress Ridge
  • Fieldledge
  • Hillstone
  • Ledgecut
  • Limestone
  • Mountain Ledge
  • Mountain Ledge Panels
  • River Rock
  • Rough Cut
  • Rustic Ledge
  • Shadow Rock
  • Stacked Stone
  • Top Rock
  • Eldorado Rock
  • Castle Stone
  • Coastal Reef
  • Granite
  • Ledge Quartz
  • Weather Cut
  • Broken top
  • Cobblestone
  • Vintage Manor
  • Coarsed Stone
  • Creek Cobble
  • Cut Coarse Stone
  • Quarry Stone
  • Eldorado Adobe

With the largest range of the highest quality Eldorado stone veneers, we are the one-stop-shop for all your masonry supplies requirements.

Masonry Connectors

Masonry Connectors

We, at Hinterland Masonry Supplies, stock masonry connectors from the best in the industry. FERO Corporation has been a leading distributor and manufacturer of masonry ties for the last 26 years. Designed to facilitate the construction of masonry veneer walls and cavity walls, FERO Corp’s ties are the best options for use. Their ties secure the insulation against the back up wall permanently and provide enhanced structural performance. They accommodate all construction tolerances. FERO uses the FERO Angle Support Technology (FAST) system to support other cladding systems and masonry veneer at the floor level. This reduces the cost by 50%. All Fero systems’ performance exceeds the design criteria and guidelines of the ACI code. Here are some FERO Corp systems and procedures:

  • For Back up Walls: Masonry Back up – Block Shear Connector System, Slotted Block Ties (I) and Slotted Block Ties (II)
  • For Concrete Back up: Brick Veneer Tie Support, Adjustable BVTS, Pac Tie, Rap Tie, Slotted Rap Tie, Heavy Duty Rap Tie and Slotted Heavy Duty Rap Tie.
  • ICF – Insulating Concrete Form
  • Installation Procedures: BVTS Connector, FAST Connector, Rap Tie Connector, Shear Connector and Stud Connectors.

Tools / Blades / Levels

Tools, Blades and Levels

At Hinterland Masonry Supplies, we offer Tools, Blades and Levels from industry leaders such as Husqvarna, Stabila and Marshalltown.

Husqvarna, a Swedish company founded in 1689, offers an extensive range of masonry tools from professional equipment to products for customers. A reputable name in the masonry tools industry, Husqvarna is a one-stop-shop for construction products. We at Hinterland Masonry Supplies offer the entire range of Wall, Wire, Floor and Masonry and Tiles Saws and Drills from Husqvarna.

Stabila is a German company founded in 1820 that makes a range of levels, lasers, tape measures and folding rulers. A must-have for all construction sites, the tools, levels and other products produced at Stabila are par excellence. Here are some Stabila levels that we stock at Hinterland Masonry Supplies:

  • Spirit Levels
  • Magnetic Levels
  • Plate Levels
  • Electronic Levels
  • Torpedos
  • Mason Levels
  • Pocket Levels

We also stock masonry supplies from Marshalltown, one of the largest masonry supplies manufacturers with over 100 years of experience. Their products can be used with brick, concrete, drywall, plaster, tile, and paint and wallpapering. The company has also maintained a 15% or higher average in exports over the years for which the company received the E Star Award in 1981. We stock all masonry supplies manufactured by Marshalltown:

  • Masonry Trowels
  • Concrete Trowels and floats
  • Drywall tools
  • Tiling and Flooring tools

Their range consists of well over a hundred products for each of the above mentioned categories.

Mortars and Cements

Mortars and Cements

We keep mortar and cements produced by Target Products Pvt. Ltd. The company, started in 1961, has since upheld excellent standards. They have plants in the States, Canada and Peru. Their products go through vigorous in-house and external quality checks. The company’s technical staff works in close coordination with the marketing department, resulting in product development and innovations that is incomparable to any other. Their products are always the best in the market. Target products are completely reliable and of excellent standards.

Target Products Pvt. Ltd provides a range of do-it-yourself concrete and concrete repair kits for homeowners and the contractors market. These kits combine cement, sands aggregates and additives, so all that the user has to do is add water.

We also stock the Type 10 Mix for concrete. As their MPA increase, their compressive strength also increases. With the Type 10 Mix, all the user has to do is add NaviJack, which is a rock mixture.

We also have a concrete mix, which is a classic dry mix that includes NaviJack. The user only needs to add water. Besides, there is a large range of additives, abrasives, blacktops and pavement products, cements, concrete mixes, flooring, underlayment and leveling products, sands and grits and mortars and mason mixes that the company offers.

We also stock Ultraflex 2, a type of professional grade thin-set mortar that is high performance, single component and polymer modified. It is perfect for the interior or exterior installation of quarry tiles, ceramic tiles, stone tiles and porcelain tiles. Its dry polymer content makes it ideal for use in the adhesion process.

So, for all your masonry supplies requirements, call Hinterland Masonry Supplies right away and get the right products for your projects!