About Hinterland Masonry Supplies

Hinterland Masonry Supplies is a renowned supplier of high quality masonry supplies to architects, designers, contractors and masons across Canada and the US. Our superior quality supplies, comprising concrete blocks, stones, mortars and cements, masonry sealers and tools, blades and levels, are all designed to offer building experts with complete mastery over their craft and for that special edge. The supplies are also available in a variety of textures and colors to facilitate enhanced flexibility in design.

At Hinterland, we offer products that meet the stringent Canadian building standards. Our masonry products are able to withstand extreme temperatures of +40° in the summer and -40° in the winter.

When you contact Hinterland Masonry Supplies, excellent customer services are what you get. With our team’s in-depth knowledge of masonry and building processes, our clients get their supplies right when they need it; all this at the most attractive prices!

Company Values

  • Our company values listening to the customer and fulfilling their requirements. We are on a continuous growth path with focus on constant improvement and fulfillment of all customer needs. Besides, we aim at becoming the industry leader.
  • Our success is also a result of our team’s excellent performance, with each member being aware of his valued contributions and striving towards perfection.
  • We offer the highest standards of moral conduct, be it in business or personal terms.
  • We support the community that we thrive in.
  • Besides, our company is also driven by the aim of superior customer satisfaction and superior employee satisfaction.

So, if excellent quality at incomparable prices is also what you are looking for, give us a call now!